Go Beyond The Classroom.
Become a Yoga Therapist.

Help people with physical conditions, anxiety, depression,
autoimmune disease, addiction, chronic pain, and more.

● Learn to work one-on-one in a therapeutic setting

● Gain confidence and skills necessary to build a private practice

● Expand and deepen your knowledge and understanding of yoga

● Connect to a community of yoga teachers/therapists from all over

● Learn through our convenient online and retreat blended format

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In the Breathing Deeply Yoga Therapy Program you will:

Grow, Develop, & Learn: Move forward in your understanding of yoga while experiencing the practicality of studying at your own pace. Begin with the online foundations training and continue your expansion with our live retreats. This format is intended to create more ease in your life and expand your knowledge for years to come.
Receive Mentoring: My teacher was an incredible guide and his assistance enabled me to progress on the path of yoga far beyond what I could hope for on my own. Mentoring is deeply important in the lineage that I received, and I continue and honor this lineage for students becoming Yoga Therapists through this course and beyond.

Get Support: Our amazing community rocks! Weekly calls, private FB group, and the Breathing Deeply Yoga Therapy retreats bring us together regularly. The power of the group is immense. It’s a place to celebrate our progress, and get help with areas of challenge.

Serve at a Higher Level: You’ll have the skills you need to help relieve suffering and increase healing in yourself, and others.

BDYT is a 2 track yoga therapy program that incorporates online lectures, weekly live Q&A sessions, and residential retreats held in Garrison, New York. The BDYT Certification can be completed in 1 year or continue and complete the 800 hour program in just over 2 years. You will gain the information and skills to work one-on-one with people for a wide range of conditions while you learn anatomy, philosophy, theory, and how to apply this information and tools in a therapeutic setting.


Become BDYT certified.
Next class starts August 1st!

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