Techniques For Balancing The Pitta

Listen in as Brandt gives an overview of pitta balancing techniques used in Breathing Deeply Yoga Therapy and taught in the BDYT Foundations Program.

Do All Yoga Therapists Use The Same Model?

Listen in as Brandt explains how Yoga Therapists use different models when working with clients, and why he prefers using the koshic model over others.


Insomnia: Vata Or Pitta Imbalance? [The Path Of The Yoga Therapist]

Listen in as Brandt discusses how insomnia, like many conditions, might look like a vata imbalance, but there is often a pitta imbalance at the root of the issue.

Classical & Tantric Philosophy In Yoga Therapy [In Opposition?]

Listen in as Brandt describes how both Tantric and Classical Yoga Philosophy fit into Yoga Therapy.

Yoga Therapy For Trauma [Empowering Change]

In this video segment taken from a BDYT Q&A session, Brandt discusses how a Yoga Therapist can hold space for a client to process a traumatic experience.