The Money Question: What Should A Yoga Therapist Charge?

In this segment, Brandt discusses setting hourly rates and clinic pricing for Yoga Therapy.

Helping Clients Localize Pain

In this segment, taken from a Breathing Deeply Yoga Therapy Program Q&A, Brandt shares techniques for helping clients specifically identify areas of pain.

Using The Joint Freeing Series To Relieve Suffering

In this segment, Brandt explains how the Joint Freeing Series, which is often applied to physical conditions, can also work for mental conditions by balancing vata energy.

The Ethical Yoga Therapist: Choosing Which Client Conditions To Address

In this candid moment, Brandt discusses with his students how Yoga Therapists want let their clients decide what conditions should be addressed. “As a Yoga Therapist, it’s unethical to push someone to do something even if you think it’s in their best interests…The only way to know if you are of service to someone is to help them with what they want help with. Not with what you want them to do.” —Brandt

Techniques For Balancing The Pitta

Listen in as Brandt gives an overview of pitta balancing techniques used in Breathing Deeply Yoga Therapy and taught in the BDYT Foundations Program.