I feel so fortunate to have found Breathing Deeply Yoga Therapy training. After enrolling in the Foundations Course, I’ve now started the 800-hour training.

This is the complete package. The online lectures are great, and you can go back as many times as you need. The on-line practices in meditation, pranayama, and chanting have really helped me deepen my practice. The Garrison Institute retreats are a joy with great camaraderie (and delicious food).

I participate weekly in the calls with Brandt. He is so helpful with any questions – big or small – about clients, my own practice, philosophy or homework. The calls and the retreats have helped me be a part of a larger community of interesting and engaged peers.

Most important, Brandt is a supportive and smart mentor of great integrity guiding us on the journey to serve as a yoga therapists.

–Carol Day Young, PhD, BDYT Student

I am learning so much and really enjoying the Breathing Deeply Yoga Therapy course. In our group of students, I am one of the least experienced, but find the information both a challenge and also accessible, which feels well balanced and encouraging! Im grateful for Brandt’s depth of knowledge, gentle guidance, and a very non-intimidating environment. It has been inspiring!

—Carly Lynn, Waldorf Early Education Teacher & BDYT Student

Brandt is an extraordinary teacher. He understands this material so deeply that he is able to present it simply without being simplistic. He also has a great sense of humor!

—C.Y., BDYT Student

I can’t say enough about how knowledgeable, supportive and kind the Breathing Deeply staff is. If you interested in becoming a Yoga Therapist, contact them!

—A.B, BDYT Student

I have been teaching Yoga for almost 2 decades and leading Yoga Teacher Trainings for 12 years. When I met with Brandt about the Breathing Deeply Yoga Therapy (BDYT) program (as a student and to collaborate as a Campus location for NH students) I was very impressed with his extensive knowledge base, his experience, and his ease at connecting with someone he never met before. (That may seem unimportant, but in my years of experience with Yoga Teacher Trainers, not everyone has this much needed personality trait.) Over the years I researched and contemplated other programs, but none of them resonated – until I met Brandt. One of the aspects of the program that I think is really important is the variety of ways to learn: the online component, the face-to-face weekends, the monthly community/local sessions, and Brandt’s availability for multiple weekly phone conferences. There are many ways to absorb the content, which is important because it is helpful to review the material more than once and if there is confusion, or we have questions as we go through the self-paced online material, we can take part of the weekly call to ask Brandt or we can discuss it at our monthly meeting. Brandt’s years of experience with yoga therapy clients is such an amazing benefit and exactly what I was looking for in a Yoga Therapy program because the real-life examples really connect us to the content/material in a way that makes a difference. Brandt’s years of vast experience, his education in various holistic modalities, his availability, and let’s not forget his sense of humor – makes the BDYT program the perfect choice for the Yoga New Hampshire Community.

—Maureen Miller, BDYT Student

A yoga teacher friend who was taking this yoga therapy training recommended BDYT to me. Because of my busy and irregular schedule I liked the independent study, online format. I had been teaching group classes for about five years and wanted to expand my skills into teaching private clients. In a year and a half, I have finished the lectures and attended two retreats. I also join in the weekly mentoring sessions. The community of students is very supportive and Brandt is very available. As part of the coursework, I am now working privately with some clients. I am using my yoga therapy knowledge, practicing my new skills, and getting mentored along the way.

—Kathy Page, BDYT Student

I am so thrilled I made the decision to do my Yoga Therapy training with Breathing Deeply. Right from the beginning, communication with Brandt and Anna was friendly and straightforward.

I find it so useful to have the lessons on video because I can pause to write notes and review whenever I want. Brandt is very available and approachable, so he never feels far away if I have questions or need clarification, and with many different avenues for communication (Q&A sessions three times a week, the forum, and email).

Brandt’s approach is accessible, well informed, and down-to-earth. He has a clear understanding of the field, and of people. He is passionate about helping people grow and willing to rock the boat when necessary, but always with respect and compassion.

I’m so grateful that I will have him and the rest of the Breathing Deeply community available as a resource when I begin my practice. I know I will graduate feeling well prepared!

—Amy Rubin Flett, BDYT Student

I had been looking for a Yoga Therapy teacher training for four years! I know my calling as a yoga teacher is to help people feel better in their bodies & minds by using yoga techniques.

The Breathing Deeply Yoga Therapy teacher training is the program I’ve been looking for. It offers various ways to study and learn the material. I love the online portion of the training that allows me to learn at my own pace and schedule. The weekly Q&A calls along with the monthly cohort meetings are great ways for me to get my questions answered and learn from others. And there are in person retreat trainings which allow me hands on experience of how to best work with private clients. I am very happy to be a part of this program.

—Shervon Laurice, MS, LCPC, BDYT Student

I have been taking the Breathing Deeply Yoga Therapy Program for a little over a year now. I wasn’t sure what to expect with an online course and how it would work with my work and family schedule, but I have been very impressed. I am extremely happy with how each lesson is a manageable amount of time and material covered, making it easy to fit into a busy day, while actually retaining the information no matter how complex it is.

Brandt is a wonderful teacher. He has a great way of breaking down difficult material and making it accessible and easy to understand. This course has not only made me more confident when helping my students be safe and take care of their bodies, but it has deepened my own practice, as well.

The retreats have been a really special time to connect with Brandt and other students in the course, relax, and get hands on experience working with others. I could not be happier with this training and I would recommend it to anyone looking to be a more confident and competent yoga teacher, wanting to pursue a yoga therapy education, and a desire to deepen and enliven their personal practice.

—Danielle Tait, Photographer, BDYT Student