Module 2: Rehab Yoga, Working with Cancer, Fascial Thinking

May 31-June 7, 2019
Claverack, NY
Advanced Program |Residential |Module 2
Working with the Pranic Body and Conscious Mind|Rehab Yoga including hip and knee replacement|Working with cancer|Fascial thinking
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Healing Through The Pranic Body and Conscious Mind Weekend, Rehab Yoga, Yoga for Cancer, and Fascial Thinking

In this Healing through the Pranic Body and Conscious Mind weekend, we move deeper into the koshas, or layers of the Self, unwrapping like a gift, the inner-workings of the pranic and mental bodies. Teachers through the ages have taught us that we are much more than just our physical body, and in this retreat we begin the process of moving our awareness through the layers of our being toward the core. Participants will examine the healing relationship that the pranamaya and manomaya koshas share, and better understand, through theory and practice, how working at this level can bring balance to the body and mind. This weekend is considered a foundational module for the BDYT course.

Rehab Yoga

As medical technology advances, surgery is becoming a more common form of treatment. In this course we investigate the most common surgeries and the best practices for helping clients rehabilitate after surgery. We will learn pathologies and the surgeries used to correct them. Students will leave with the most pertinent information about surgeries, the knowledge of when to begin working with clients, proper assessment techniques to help clients achieve their goals, and how to use mind-body techniques to improve outcomes. There will be special emphasis given on how to provide yoga therapy in the post Physical Therapy phase of surgery rehab.

Working with Cancer

Yoga therapy provides a unique opportunity to improve outcomes for cancer patients. In this course, students will get an overview of and familiarize themselves with cancer types and treatments. We will examine evidence-based strategies for improving outcomes. Students will examine working with cancer patients through the koshic model—learning to effectively and safely teach asana, pranayama, and meditation with a clear understanding of contraindications for this population. A special unit on working with breast cancer patients is included in this course due to the prevalence of this condition.

Fascial Thinking

Fascia is a key structural component of the body. As such, it contributes to the physical well-being of our bodies and is often indicated in pain and dysfunction. In this course, we will learn all about fascia and its relationship to structure and health. Students will learn how to identify facial lines in the body and the restrictions within them. There will also be an emphasis on common fascia-based pain patterns and how to shift fascia through asana and pranayama techniques. Students will leave with a clear understanding of how to work with bodies using a fascial viewpoint to relieve pain patterns.